Prototype 9

Protoype 9


  • In the previous release when killing an enemy, skulls were automagically rewarded. Now the enemy drops a skull for you to pick up.
  • Taking damage no longer reduces the multiplier to 1x, but lowers the current multiplier by 1.
  • The lava themed levels now have a new tile set. The spikes which are basically copies of the icicles in the ice themed levels will be changed at a later time.


  • New enemy: Phantomskull. Loads up bunch of bullets and shoots them in all directions.
  • Shops! Hidden in the depths of the mooncaves you can find shops to trade your skulls for items/skills. The good news is that the shops are fully functional (mostly with placeholder art) but the bad news is only the first shop contains items (the others are still empty). So more to come!


MoOoN 8 MB
Sep 13, 2017
MoOoN 8 MB
Sep 13, 2017

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