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Protoype 7/8

I'm back, baby. That's right I'm back, took some time off and went on a short vacation. It seems I didn't do a changeblog for prototype 7 so I'll try to add the changes made in that release to this changeblog (as far as I can remember them). This however does not mean that this will be a massive changeblog as progress has been slow lately.


  • Prototype 7 had some really bad balance issues concerning the amount of power used by some weapons when shooting. Meaning some weapons would never be able to fully drain you power level.


  • Touching any enemy will cause damage to the player. In the previous releases only 2 specific enemies would cause damage to the player when touching them.
  • Killing enemies rewards you with skulls. For now they don't serve any purpose, but in future releases they can be traded for skills/items etc.
  • Killing all enemies in a stage will increase  your multiplier for killing enemies (see above).
  • Taking damage reduces the multiplier to 1x.
  • The Plasmablaster weapon now consumes power while charging. Previously this would just take a large chunk of power when pressing fire. This would also mean you would lose a lot of power when not finishing the charge.


  • When a enemy is hurt a small number appears to show the amount of damage taken.
  • A new fire type enemy spawning small fire skulls that will try to touch you. Killing this enemy will spawn a explosion of multiple bullets.
  • A new background theme: Lava (the art for this theme is temporary and was only added to provide a home for the new enemy mentioned above).


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Jul 31, 2017

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